Since February 2005, NYCYPAA has been doing it's thang. We've adopted AA’s primary purpose: to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety. We're directly responsible to the young AA members of NYC, and any AA member is welcome to join. Our practical goals are derived from AA’s three legacies. We strive to:

  1. Support young alcoholics in their recovery through the 12 Steps of AA.
  2. Promote unity among AA members of all ages.

  3. Encourage young members of AA to participate in the General Service Structure.


  • We throw parties to show young people that your life is not over when you get sober. Our biggest event in recent years is our annual boat party - 500+ sober people on a dance party cruise around the Hudson. 

  • We bid to host young people conventions - hundreds (sometimes thousands) of young AAs take over a hotel for a weekend. It's epic and supercharges your sobriety. We hosted ICYPAA in 2010 - the international & biggest of them all - and in 2016 we hosted EACYPAA, the Eastern Area Convention.

  • We liaise with the general service structure, both at the area and county levels. We also support the Area by participating on a number of area committees.

  • We take meetings into youth treatment & correctional facilities, and facilitate the adoption of these commitments by young people's groups.

  • We respond to 12 step call email hotline - - within 24 hours. We pair those who reach out with a young AA to answer their questions or introduce them to meetings.

  • We produce a blog and monthly email newsletter. Sign up to stay informed about our events and service projects, and on how to get involved.