By Roger S.

I’ve been in spaces where there was no light,
where the air was thin and my lungs felt tight,
when my veins were clogged,
shriveled up at night,
my thoughts so black,
that my heart failed to fight,
but backed into the corner and down on my knees,
something occurred, a strong swift breeze,
adversity in our face stands us up like the trees,
God forgive me for my sins,
I didn’t mean to commit these.
And here we return, back into the race,
some stumble and fall flat on their face,
but our arms keep pushing because we’re in human space,
the love is so strong, and the hate we can taste,
envy and lust, just a couple of these,
I suffer so bad, I can rip down those trees,
acceptance and love for me is the way,
I stumble and fall, but boy do I pray,
some hurt me so bad, deep in my heart,
I try to forgive because I am a part
of the problems we suffer, day in and day out,
I try to stay strong, I often do pout,
but to know there’s a God, I surely know this,
my struggles half over, but sometimes I’m pissed,
to rely on me, its just not the way,
to find your own God, for this I do pray,
then struggles are easy, to me their just lesson,
to love and forgive, yes they are just blessings,
its not just a cop-out, this is my confession.

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